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Most Australians support car industry subsidies: poll

According to research conducted by Newspoll, a majority of Australians support government assistance to Australia’s car makers.

The survey involved a poll of 1,200 adults for The Australian newspaper’s Path To Prosperity series. The interviews found that of those in favour of continuing support, 59 per cent of these were female and 51 per cent male.

Among the supporters of assistance to automotive manufacturers, 44 per cent said the current level of help was about right, 19 per cent thought it insufficient and 10 per cent thought it was too much.

Meanwhile, Mike Devereux of GM Holden has said that he wants a “solid conversation” with the winner of the federal election on September 7. 

The managing director of Holden, which has received nearly $2 billion in government assistance over the last two decades, has said he will let the campaign run its course before meeting with the new government, News Corp reports.

The topic of automotive subsidies is a sensitive one in politics, with Tony Abbott calling a recent pledge of an additional $200 million to car makers as “scandalous”, and members of the government, such as current industry minister Kim Carr and his predecessor Greg Combet, calling the outcome a referendum on car manufacturing in Australia.

The federal Coalition has said that it would reduce funding to the sector by $500 million and refer assistance to the Productivity Commission for independent scrutiny.


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