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More than 200 factory workers faint at clothing factory in Cambodia

Approximately 236 Cambodian workers have fainted this week at Anful Garments Factory, in Kampong Speu province, Cambodia, local police have told media.

The incident occurred on Monday and Thursday this week at the garment factory which makes clothes for Swedish fashion brand Hennes & Mauritz, Reuters reported.

The factory closed for three-days after about 100 workers fell ill on Monday. It opened on Thursday which saw about 136 workers falling sick that day.

According to the report, the incident was the third case this year of mass fainting at Cambodian factories used by the brand. Police said the factory has been using chemicals to prevent cockroaches from eating the clothing.

Fainting at the Anful Garments Factory is the latest in string of fainting incidents in factories in Cambodia. More than 1,200 garment workers have reportedly fainted this year.

The frequency of reported fainting at garment factories in Cambodia has police, as well as the local workforce concerned over conditions of work in the country’s manufacturing industry.

To read the Reuters report, click here.

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