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A month to celebrate high quality stretch wrappers

Load containment manufacturer Signode has declared October “Octopus Month” in honour of its Octopus Ring Pallet Wrappers.

 As the last step of many food manufacturing processes, pallet wrapping helps ensure products are not only secure and ready for shipping but also that they arrive at their final destination in good condition.

Businesses which use pallet wrappers want the process to be completed with a minimum of fuss and without putting staff in physical danger. They need machines that are reliable, accurate, fast and safe.

Haloila, a member of the Signode Industrial Group, has been manufacturing the Octopus automatic rotary ring stretch wrapper for over 30 years. With over 6,000 units installed world-wide, these high speed systems are capable of wrapping up to 135 pallets an hour.

Fully automatic and available in various sizes, the machines employ the “Octopus ring method”, whereby the wrapping film reel is suspended from a ring and it revolves around the pallet. The ring is raised and lowered according to the wrapping program.

Because the pallet remains stationary throughout the process, the system can easily handle unstable or lightweight products. There are no centrifugal forces to cause stress or strain on the load or equipment.

As the ring can be accurately positioned in the vertical direction, wrapping can be started and finished at any height required. In addition, the Octopus provides optimal load containment while optimising film usage.

Reliable pallet wrapping is important because it sits at the end of the production line. As such food manufacturers need to avoid cheaper, less reliable options and choose quality pallet wrappers that do the job well.

Features of the Octopus Ring Pallet Wrapper include a load stabiliser to ensure unstable loads remain intact throughout the wrapping operation and an integrated top sheet dispenser which provides automatic weather-proofing without taking up floor space.

Optional add-ons include the “Logowrap System” which automatically inserts printed stretch film to a pallet load during the normal wrapping cycle and the “Octomax” performance monitoring system which is designed to reduce film costs, eliminate downtime and simplify maintenance.

Safety is another benefit of the machines. For example, they feature the RCS automatic reel change system, that keeps the operator away from the machine during operation without hampering production, and locking mechanisms that ensure safety during maintenance and easy access to motors by driving the ring down to a comfortable working height.

Add the ability to change variables like film prestretch and lay on force – and the accuracy this delivers – and you have some good reasons to celebrate these stretch wrappers.

Happy Octopus month!

Click here to find out more about Octopus Ring Pallet Wrappers, which are exclusively distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Signode.

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