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Project: Modular Walls

THE Modular Wall is a lightweight wall system that is designed to replicate the look of a rendered masonry wall but without the cost and hassles.

Its strength is in the innovative steel posts that form the bracing for sandwich panels.

It allows the user to rapidly erect a masonry look wall and requires less infrastructure support (cranes or heavy digging equipment).

The wall is a completely modular system which ensures close to zero wastage, saving both cost and almost completely eliminating mess during construction.

The Modular Wall System is comprised of com­posite fibre cement sandwich panels supported by a unique steel post system. The post system holds the panels in a rigid position whilst still allowing room for expansion and ground movement internal­ly within the post.

When erected the wall is said to display amazing brick-like strength. All the panels are internally recessed to accept wiring for a number of different services (lighting, sound, security etc).

The company says advantages of the wall sys­tem include: rquires only a small posthole footing that can be dug by hand, composite sandwich pan­els are lightweight and super strong, any expansion and movement can take place within the unique post system meaning the wall will never crack, and is acoustically rated as a noise barrier.

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