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Mitsubishi rejects warranty claim after gecko destroys air conditioner

A Brisbane resident has had her warranty claim rejected by Mitsubishi after she complained of a gecko ruining her air-conditioning unit.

The ABC reports that Felicity Sawford’s air-conditioning unit had its power board short-circuited by a gecko the first time she attempted to use the unit this winter.

The warranty covers vermin, but the manufacturer rejected Sawford's claim. Mitsubishi stated each claim were treated on a case-by-case basis, with other contributing factors involved, and it would continue to take every effort to design units that prevented vermin ingress.

Sawford said that the company should either honour the warranty or build machines that were better suited to Queensland conditions, where geckos were prevalent.

"The two technicians that looked at it said look, they're classified as an animal and therefore they're not covered by the warranty," she told the ABC.

"Even when both myself and my husband queried the fact that the wording in the warranty specifically references vermin, they said look, Mitsubishi just doesn't cover it."

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