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Mirabella backs future of manufacturing

Opposition minister for Innovation, Industry, and Science Sophie Mirabella says she still has faith in the future of the manufacturing sector, despite its current challenges.

In a visit to Wagga Wagga in NSW yesterday Mirabella said the industry still had a future, and new measures were needed to lower costs and improve the efficiency of government support.


Mirabella said in particular Holden's decision to axe 500 workers showed support for the automotive industry needed to be reworked.


“There are policy failures regarding car industry policy. The current funding arrangements aren’t working; the carbon tax has imposed a cost on the industry,” she told The Daily Advertiser.


“We think there’s a better way and this is for the productivity commission to have a review to come up with a funding model that is transparent and provides long-term viability for the industry.”


Earlier this year Mirabella wrote a comment piece for Manufacturers' Monthly in which she outlined how the Coalition would help boost the manufacturing sector.

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