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SANDVIK Coromant’s GC4220 grade promises a 20%-30% improvement in productivity against the current grade thanks to the latest developments in grade technology and an improved substrate and coating.

Suitable for application in all CoroMill tooling concepts.

Suitable for use in medium to rough milling, at the elevated temperatures created by high speed milling or hard materials, grade GC4220 provides security and predictability to maximise productivity and optimise high metal removal rate.

This GC4220 grade guarantees better security at higher speeds and higher feed rates than GC4020 and offers good performance in unmanned production.

The special strength of GC4220 lies in its resistance to crater wear and plastic deformation, common wear problems when running at high speeds and feeds.

With its improved edge line strength and bulk toughness and its capacity to withstand increased cutting data, GC4220 is more predictable in dry milling, face and profile milling, and ensures a good surface finish.

GC4220 is suitable for application in all CoroMill tooling concepts. The introduction of grade GC4220 for steel milling continues Sandvik Coromant’s new line of grades released within the new insert generation program.

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