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Microsoft could open Indian factories due to new taxes

Microsoft is considering making phone
handsets in India, following the Indian government’s introduction of new duties
on imported phones to encourage local manufacturing.

The Economic Times reports that Microsoft
is mulling over the possibility of establishing Indian factories. The country has the world’s fastest-growing
market for smartphones.

“There are some new
regulations and tax duties, etc., about local manufacturing and certainly we’re
looking at them to make sure that we remain competitive,” Chris Weber,
corporate vice-president at Microsoft Mobile Device Sales, is reported as saying.

“We continue
evaluating that across the globe, including India.”

The US tech company completed its $US 7.2 billion acquisition of Nokia’s
handset business in April last year

Elsewhere it’s being noted that Microsoft has started its
worldwide re-branding of Nokia Priority stores with the 9,000 or so Indian
outlets. These will become Microsoft Priority Resellers.

Image: Microsoft

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