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Metro Performance Glass opens new Auckland factory

Glass processor Metro Performance Glass opened a NZD $21.5m ($20m) factory, which it says is the most modern of its type in Australasia, in Auckland yesterday.

As reports, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key (pictured) was on hand to open the 26,000 square metre site at the Highbrook Business Park.

Referring to the $40 billion Christchurch rebuild and other significant building projects such as SkyCity's international convention centre in Auckland, Key said future demand for glass will be high.

"You can rest assure that the factory here is going to be very busy for a long period of time," he said. "There is a huge demand curve for glass and for new construction."

Metroglass Chief Executive Nigel Rigby said the new facility is one of the most technically-advanced and efficient glass production plants in the world. It was completed on time and within budget thanks to an extremely dedicated Metroglass team and three year’s research, planning and development.

 “The company now not only has a leading-edge facility capable of servicing the Upper North Island market, but we also have a cost position that suggests we can compete against imported products. In the context of New Zealand manufacturing, this is a rare and privileged position to occupy,” Rigby said.

According to Metroglass Chairman Sir John Goulter, The New Zealand housing market, particularly in Christchurch and Auckland, is booming and supply can't always meet demand.

“High-quality building products, delivered at internationally-competitive prices, such as those produced at Metroglass’ new state-of-the-art-facility, represent an important step to relieve these pressures,” he said.

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