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Metal, plastics and meat workers injured most among Queensland manufacturers

WorkCover figures for factory accidents in Queensland found that the metals, plastics and meat sub-sectors were most highly represented.

The WorkCover report, according to the Brisbane Times, found that 18,000 factory workers were reported injured on the job in the state for the 2011-12 financial year, followed by 12,000 claims made by construction workers.

Rohan Webb, the state’s AMWU secretary, said that he was surprised at the gigures, and that union safety representatives were needed on work sites.

"When a safety representative is elected by the workforce we seem to get better results and better safety,” Webb told the Times.

"We do see a lot of employers appoint middle managers as safety representatives and we believe that raises a conflict of interest, because they're there to manage the plant but also keep productivity up."Unfortunately employers say safety is paramount, but they're quite quick to cut a corner if it means upping production,"

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