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Recycling plant uses Memolub for accurate lubrication

A NSW construction and demolition waste recycling facility has, since 2009, relied on Memolub to maintain accurate lubrication in an extremely demanding environment.

Memolub, powered by Systematic Lubrication Solutions (SLS), is an advanced positive displacement pumping technology that enables precise, safe and economical lubrication of equipment to recover and recycle materials such as timber, brick and concrete.

Memolub’s High Pressure System (HPS) can supply lubricant at pressures up to 25bar enabling the Memolub pump to be placed up to eight meters from the actual lubrication point. The system can lubricate areas that are either unsafe or difficult to access. In addition to the ability to pump over long distances, the HPS can not only accurately supply lubricant to one bearing, but up to eight, reducing installation costs and lubrication maintenance time. Examples of applications across the plant include:

  • Conveyor pulleys (head drums, tail drums, bend pulleys, etc.)
  • Fan bearings
  • Trommel bearings
  • Screen bearings
  • Wood shredder bearings
  • Grinder bearings
  • Slow-speed double-rotor shredder (Rentec Dinosaurs)

Currently the SLS customer has 208 Memolub’s on site delivering lubricant to 458 points, utilising all three of the Memolub cartridge sizes 120, 240 and 480cc. Each Memolub is serviced every four weeks (13 times a year). Currently our customer is using the services of Systematic Lubrication Solutions (Memolub master distributor) to manage and service all Memolub units onsite. All Memolub’s have been positioned so as that (outside of guards) the servicing of all the units is carried out whilst the Plant is operational.

It has been estimated that Memolub lubrication provides the customer a saving of approximately $73,000 a year on lubrication costs alone. This includes the time required to manually lubricate, wasted lubricant due to inefficient procedures and over-lubrication and equipment hire (e.g. EWP to lubricate difficult to reach areas). In addition to this, the plant cannot attribute a bearing failure over the past two years directly to lubrication issues. Based on previous maintenance history this has the potential of saving over $500,000 per annum; based on loss of production, damage to equipment and repair costs.

The customer indicated an estimated delay for easy bearing replacement to be 2 to 4 hours per stoppage at an average cost of between $3,000 and $4,000 per hour. For difficult bearing replacement, due to the location and size, 8 to 10 hours could be required at an estimate of $14,000 to $20,000 per stoppage.

Systematic Lubrication Solutions provide Memolub products and support to customers throughout Australia and New Zealand, both directly and through our distribution network.

SLS welcomes enquiries around how to improve your lubrication efficiency and reliability, as well as Memolub products and accessories. The company can be contacted via email at or phone on (02) 4272 4614.

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