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Memolub helps mining company improve operation and save cost

A recent project saw a gold mining company use Memolub lubrication solution to enable it to run its mills in a tough environment.

Memolub, powered by Systematic Lubrication Solutions (SLS), is an advanced positive displacement pumping technology that enables precise, safe and economical lubrication of equipment to recover and recycle materials such as timber, brick and concrete.

The original set up had the pinion and trunnion bearings lubricated by the same centralised system.

Downfalls of the original set up:

1. Lubrication rates- the differential between the pinion bearing and trunnion bearing application rates was too great. The customer was over lubricating the pinion bearing to ensure the trunnions bearings received adequate lubrication. This creates problems with lubricant waist and cleanliness.

2. Lubricant type- Pinion and trunnion bearings were lubricated with the same lubricant despite the differences in load, temperature, speed and environments the bearings were exposed to.

The mining company had decided to use Memolub simply because they had found that it is a cost-effective method to separate the lubrication of the pinions and trunnions. Pinion bearings are better suited to being lubricated via 20kg containers.

The Memolub solution consists of a single Memolub DS controller and two Memolub DS pumps, each pump supplies lubricant to two pinion bearings on each mill.

For Mill 1 – The DS pump was set to 100 per cent with a six-point distributor lubricating two bearings and four labyrinth seals.

For Mill 2 – The DS pump was set to 75 per cent with a four-point distributor lubricating two bearings and two labyrinth seals.

Each distributor was fitted with a proximity sensor to send conformation the site control system that lubrication is taking place.

The eventual result:

The system operated without issue for 12 months. The mills operated in a tough environment, with ambient temperatures ranging between zero in the winter and upwards of 40°C in the summer. Bearings are bombarded with water, slurry and dust, all of which have in the past dramatically shortened the bearing service life. The pinion bearings were replaced at the time of Memolub DS integration. Condition monitoring has indicated that the bearings remain in good condition.

At the end of the day, with the Memolub, there were financial savings in the areas with:

  1. Grease consumption
  2. The use of a more economical grease in pinion bearings
  3. Bearing longevity and reduced service requirements
  4. Reduction in unscheduled maintenance
  5. Improved operational up time and production


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