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Melbourne Metro Tunnel to see creation of 7000 jobs

In a news release earlier this week, the Andrews Labor Government is creating thousands of local jobs and using Victorian businesses to build the biggest public transport project in Victorian history – the Metro Tunnel.

This was announced when Premier Daniel Andrews visited Spotswood’s Rail Centre to meet with apprentices and workers to announce the jobs and industry figures for the Metro Tunnel Project.

According to Andrews, the Metro Tunnel project will create nearly 7000 jobs for Victorians, including 500 apprentices, trainees and engineering cadets working as part of the Tunnels and Stations package.

“The Metro Tunnel is the biggest ever public transport project ever built in Victoria, and it will need a record number of Victorian workers and businesses to get the job done,” Andrews said.

More than 88 per cent of the materials used to build the new tunnels and underground stations will be sourced locally, including 93 per cent local steel.

The Victorian government also added that 65 per cent of the project will be delivered by small and medium sized businesses.

Early works are well underway, with major construction on the tunnel and stations expected to start next year. The project will be completed by 2026.

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