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Maton making careful note of timber

Specialist guitar manufacturer Maton is being especially careful after legendary Nashville-based maker Gibson lost nearly $3 million for using illegal timber.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that a guitar using a mere sliver of Brazilian rosewood means Maton must certify that legally-harvested wood was used and that it was obtained from an authorised supplier.

Every guitar or ukulele exported to the United States must have paperwork accompanying it, stating exactly how much of each timber used is contained. The concern is the Lacey Act, which cost Gibson $300,000 in fines, forced it to forfeit $260,000 worth of Madagascarian ebony, pay $50,000 to a nature protection awareness campaign, and fork out approximately $2 million in legal costs.  

Maton employs 60 people in Melbourne, and specialises in the use of Australian timbers, such as bunya pine and Queensland Mulga.

The guitar manufacturer is increasingly looking to export markets for sales after major retailer Australian Music Group went into administration last month.

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