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Masking Tape – How to select the right product for the job?

Masking tape was developed specifically to help manufacturer’s protect surrounding surfaces from overspray, provide clean paint lines, and remove easily and cleanly when finished.

To help you find the optimum masking tape or other adhesive‑backed product for your particular application, you’ll want to consider several factors:

  • Backing material
  • Adhesive type
  • Application time and temperature
  • Surface characteristics (e.g., roughness, surface energy, contours, etc.)
  • End use conditions (e.g., temperature, UV exposure, abrasion, etc.)

A masking tape should specify what surfaces it will stick to and the interval over which it will remove cleanly. A very thin or poorly manufactured tape may demonstrate splintering or shredding, either coming off the roll or when being removed after use.

Some masking tapes have the tensile strength for light commercial and industrial applications, including bundling, labelling, sealing, temporary repairs, lane marking, splicing, and surface protection.

A roll of masking tape is basic toolbox or supply room item in construction, warehousing, military, marine, shipping, automotive aftermarket, e-commerce, general manufacturing, and retail industries.

3M™ Masking and Duct Tapes are built on increasing levels of performance and a common goal of helping you finish jobs worth finishing.

Image: 3M Australia

Masking Tapes from 3M adhere well, resist solvents or water from the paint, and are strong enough to hang plastic sheeting, yet remove cleanly without damaging the subsurface. The backing, typically crepe paper, can conform to curved and irregular surfaces. The tape hand tears for tool-free application.

The classic crepe paper masking tape is a light tan colour, but 3M™ Masking Tapes come in a variety of colours and formulations to meet general and specific manufacturing and commercial applications, such as 3M™ Specialty High Temperature Purple Masking Tape 501+ -.

ideal for high temperature industrial paint masking applications in aerospace, automotive and specialty vehicle manufacturing.

Image: 3M Australia

Meet our latest member of the range – the new 3M™ UV Resistant Green Masking Tape. Perfect for the hot Australian climate, it provides reliable outdoor masking performance for up to 14 days.

AU Product Page Link – https://www.3m.com.au/3M/en_AU/p/d/b5005437000

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