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Markforged production FX20 3D printer makes Australia’s premiere in three cities

Markforged, creator of the integrated metal and carbon fibre additive manufacturing platform, The Digital Forge, has announced the local Australian launch of its newest printer, the FX20, in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

“We are very excited to bring Markforged’s FX20 to Australia to strengthen local sovereign manufacturing capabilities and support reshoring initiatives,” said Markforged’s senior director, Australia, Richard Elving.

“Given our remoteness in Australia, supply chain issues can be costly and time sensitive, and with the FX20 we see this as an enabler of printing parts that will provide a competitive advantage to manufacturers by being able to react quickly to solve problems right on the manufacturing floor.

“The FX20 will meet the needs of even the most demanding local industries, such as defence, F&B and mining,” Elving added.

“The FX20 is a beast of a machine and represents our commitment to providing innovative solutions to our customers to empower them to build anything they can imagine. The addition of the FX20 to the Digital Forge strengthens our leading position in the additive manufacturing market by enabling the robust production of lightweight, advanced composite parts,” aid Shai Terem, president and CEO of Markforged.

“With this combination of hardware and software, our customers will be able to count on Markforged for production of the end-use, mission critical parts that are required to overcome the limitations of traditional manufacturing. This builds resilient and sustainable supply chains that extend directly to the point-of-need,”

GoProto general manager, James Sanders observed that “many of our Australian customers have been rapidly transitioning to high value, complex and light weight products that we struggled to provide a solution for. The FX20 meets a market need with high strength, lightweight materials in a large format.”

SQP owner, David Miller said, “SQP is looking forward to progressing our position as a sub-contract machine shop to a manufacturing solutions hub with the Markforged FX20. Being an early adopter and selecting the best machines to produce the best products is what sets SQP apart”.

Launch Events details:

As part of the three city launch tour in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, Terem will unveil the ground breaking new composite 3D printer.

Events Registration and details can be found here.

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