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It’s happening! AMW2024 is on at Sydney’s ICC Darling Harbour 17-19 April, 2024!

Australia’s premier manufacturing technology trade show, AMW2024 in Sydney, is promising to be a dynamic and innovative event that brings together professionals, companies and experts from many industries related to manufacturing, engineering and technology.

It is AMTIL’s aim for Australian Manufacturing Week to be more than just an exhibition. This is the centrepiece of a week-long celebration of manufacturing in Australia today.

“On the back of the overwhelming success of AMW2022 in Sydney, we have returned to the ICC at Darling Harbour for April 2024 and are excited to be delivering another strong show,” said Shane Infanti CEO of AMTIL, organisers of Australian Manufacturing Week.

“We are very pleased to have the support of the NSW Government as the Major Sponsor for AMW. Government support is important in delivering the message to our industry that manufacturing is important and that the support mechanisms are there to assist.”

Australian Manufacturing Week will take place at the International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney.

The stats from our Melbourne show at the MCEC showed conclusively the appetite for large-scale manufacturing exhibitions is healthy for all levels of the economy. The numbers from the Melbourne AMW2023 show are something we are particularly proud of, with 15,914 attendees coming to see 348 exhibitors in the biggest exhibition space in Australia. And AMW2024 Sydney would strive to deliver the same if not better. As we saw in 2022, the ICC Darling Harbour in Sydney is also up to the task.

“We will again be running the Future Solutions Speaker Program on the floor of the show. Themed towards Opportunities and Managing Change, the Speaker Program is once again free to visitors to attend,” added Kim Banks, AMTIL’s Head of Events. “Our plans for AMW include expansion of our Welding & Air Technology Zone and Robotics & Automation Zone. This will round out the event in representing the manufacturing technology sectors in Australia.”

There will be Seven distinct Zones at AMW2024, each showcasing the highlights of the different active sectors in Australian manufacturing industry.

The AUSTECH Machine Tool Zone, specifically targeted at the metalworking, machine tool and ancillary market. AUSTECH covers advanced manufacturing products and processes including CNC Machinery, Lathes, Mills; Contract Manufacturing/Precision Machining; Cutting Tools, Tooling and Tool Holding; Forming and Fabricating Machines; Plasma, Laser, Waterjet and Ultrasonic Machines; Ancillary equipment suppliers.

The Additive Manufacturing Zone will showcase the most advanced technologies within this sector. The various techniques within Additive Manufacturing include Stereolithography, Selective Laser Sintering, Material Extrusion, Sheet lamination, Binder jetting, Cold Spray processing, Material jetting, directed-energy-deposition, powder-bed fusion, VAT photo-polymerisation and wire arc manufacturing (WAAM).

The Australian Manufacturers Pavilion showcases the capabilities of Australia’s precision engineering and advanced manufacturing industry.
The Australian Manufacturers Pavilion is where AMW celebrates the very best in Australian manufacturing, providing a showcase for some of this country’s most accomplished component manufacturers, precision engineering firms, toolmakers, advanced manufacturers, and general engineering companies.

The Manufacturing Solutions Zone at AMW2024 offers optimised solutions to the most common challenges experienced by manufacturers. From materials handling and warehousing to integrated manufacturing and safety solutions. The Manufacturing Solutions Zone is where you can find answers, incorporating everything from equipment for materials handling and logistics, and safety products, through to the latest software for streamlining manufacturing operations, and specialist service providers in areas such as law, finance, skills, training, and recruitment.

The Robotics and Automation Zone at AMW2024 will feature the latest state-of-the-art equipment and processes for the optimisation of manufacturing operations. Robots are practical technologies, with artificially intelligent software brains, created and designed by engineers to refine, manufacture, and move Australian manufacturing ahead. The robot realities of today are liberating human workers from an ever-growing array of repetitive and dangerous tasks. There will be Industrial robotics, Robots, Automated Solutions, Instrumentation Control Systems, Measurement, Pneumatics, IOT Solutions, Industry 4.0 and Digitalisation.

The Weld & Air Solutions Zone will highlight advanced welding processes and provide high-quality interactive experiences that demonstrate developments and applications in the welding sector. Welding is critical in metal fabrication and manufacturing today. In fact, it is used in creating more than half of all the products manufactured in Australia.

The Plastics Technology Zone is your hands-on opportunity to see and feel the latest in plastics machinery, mould-making technologies, recycling materials, and the many plastics manufacturing processes. Plastic technology is a specialized branch of study which includes the study of diverse types of chemicals that exhibits plasticity. It also involves the study of several methods in which plastics can be utilised for use in human life.

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