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Manufacturing Talent on Australian Defence Force Radar

People working in manufacturing today are considered some of the most highly skilled and technologically advanced tradespeople in the industry. They thrive off the fast-paced, hands on environment and get great satisfaction from problem-solving and building solutions.

It’s a great business to be in, but it’s not without its challenges.

If you have worked in manufacturing for a number of years you will have noticed the production line changing, people being replaced by autonomous machines and controls controlling themselves. It’s innovation at its best; it’s why you came into the industry.

But at the same time, you will have also felt the pressure of the global economy squeezing Australian manufacturers for every last cent, until eventually many have had no option but to go off shore.

For skilled workers, technicians and tradespeople like yourself, the employment options thereafter can seem inferior. After all, there aren’t many other industries working with the same intelligent machinery and software that you are accustomed to and that challenge you every day.

A career in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) could be the change you need to secure your future.

There are a number of roles available for skilled workers, both male and female, ranging from Aircraft Technicians working on Air Force Jets and support equipment, carrying out repair and fault diagnosis of landing gear and fuel systems, through to Marine and Electronic Technicians in the Army and Navy.

As an Electronics Technician you could be working on anything from advanced weapons systems, battle tanks, and night vision equipment, through to Naval based operations on submarines; operating, maintaining and repairing all torpedoes, missiles, radar, and combat data in both a seagoing and on-shore environment.

Working on some of the best fighter jets and submarines in the world offers you more than just job fulfilment. The benefits of working in the ADF include job security, competitive wages, access to sports and recreational facilities, comfortable and private living quarters and opportunities for specialist-training courses to prepare you for higher ranks.

More valuable than anything is the world class skills and experience you will gain from a career in the ADF, that will prove invaluable to you and future employers as you progress throughout your working life.

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