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Manufacturing our Future with Gas – Australian Domestic Gas Conference keynote address

The CEO of Australia’s Plastics
and Chemicals Industries Association (PACIA), Ms Samantha Read, delivered a
keynote speech at the Australian Domestic Gas Conference 2015, in Sydney yesterday.

The speech highlighted the
critical role of natural gas through Australia’s value chains to support a
diverse, resilient and more competitive Australia.

“It is important that the gas
debate is more informed about all the ways gas is used in the economy,
including as energy exports, chemical feedstocks, industrial process energy, as
well as commercial and residential energy. There needs to be a better
understanding of the connection between natural gas, jobs and our quality of
life,” said Ms Read.

“The Australian chemistry
industry adds value to 10% of the country’s domestic gas, using it as an
essential and non-substitutable feedstock. In some states, such as New South
Wales, this can be as high as 25%.

“Natural gas as feedstock is a
very different usage to that of energy value. The industry uses natural gas for
its unique molecular properties to create, through chemistry, totally new
materials and products.

“The products of this advanced
chemistry add significant value to Australia’s resources and enable other
sectors in the economy to succeed.

“In the end this means more
jobs, for more Australians, delivering higher value products into domestic and
global markets,” said Ms Read.

To read her speech in full, click here.


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