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The Australian manufacturing industry is alive and well, according to Industry Capability Network (ICN) National Office Chief Executive Officer, Warren Jansen.

“Recent times, particular in the aftermath of the global COVID-19 pandemic, have shown us the importance of strong sovereign manufacturing capability,” he said.

“The quantity and quality of current manufacturing work packages and other opportunities listed on Gateway prove that project owners are also seeing the value of a local supply chain.”

“There are Australia-wide projects, including with the ASC and Lockhead Martin, as well as smaller state-based opportunities in transport and medical technology.”

Warren said companies interested in any of the below projects should check the relevant Gateway page and contact their local state or territory ICN office if they want help submitting an expression of interest (EOI).

“First you should make sure your profile on the ICN Gateway is complete, up-to-date and accurate,” he said, adding that a basic profile is free.

ICN has been connecting local suppliers to major projects for 40 years. Find out more at icn.org.au.

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ASC Supplier, Capability and Innovation Portal

ASC Pty Ltd has been Australia’s sovereign submarine builder and sustainer for over 35 years. It built the Collins Class submarines and now sustains and upgrades the fleet at its facilities in South Australia and Western Australia.

It’s supported by a predominantly Australian supply chain and is committed to maximising Australian industry involvement in its programs.

“ASC is always searching for new Australian supply chain partners, including small to medium enterprises, to continue its delivery of world-class submarine performance,” Warren said.

“The best way to get involved is to respond to the ASC Expressions of Interest on the portal.”

Find out more on the ASC portal Gateway page.

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Missile Manufacturing Supply Chain

The Missile Industries Corporation (MissileCorp) aims to bring together the Australian missile industry and local capabilities to support the proficient design, manufacture, test, sustainment, training, storage, and disposal activities of cutting-edge guided weapons and explosive ordnance.

It’s part of the Sovereign Guided Weapons and Explosive Ordnance (GWEO) Enterprise, spearheaded by Raytheon Australia and Lockheed Martin Australia.

“Missile Industries welcome all interested entities to express their interest, Warren said.

“Your expertise could shape the future of defence industries and manufacturing in Australia.”

Find out more on the MissileCorp Gateway page.

Lockheed Martin Guided Weapon Explosive Ordnance Global Market Scan

As the strategic industry partner in the development of the GWEO Enterprise, Lockheed Martin is keen to unlock Australian capability.

This will support Australia’s sovereign defence as well as advanced manufacturing, engineering and technology jobs.

“Lockheed Martin is market testing Australian industry to identify world-class capability that can support them in these important endeavours,” Warren said.

“They are focusing on particular capability including castings, sheet metal, welding and machining.”

“We encourage interested companies to register on the ICN portal.”

Find out more on the Lockheed Martin Gateway page.

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Future Fleet Program

The NSW Government has committed to replacing the Tangara fleet of suburban passenger trains by March 2027, with a 50% domestic manufacturing target.

The replacement fleet will be the first in a long-term pipeline of locally built trains that extends out to the 2050s.

“Through Tangara replacements and the long-term fleet pipeline, the NSW Government wants to leave a strong community legacy of secure and skilled rail manufacturing jobs and apprenticeships in a revitalised NSW and Australian rail manufacturing industry,” Warren said.

“Transport for NSW and Sydney Trains have started early project planning and development for the Tangara replacement fleet, which will be supported by ongoing industry engagement over the next couple of years.

“Supply chain mapping, using ICN Gateway data, is underway to understand the scale of the opportunity for rail manufacturers in NSW specifically, and across Australia and New Zealand more broadly.”

Find out more on the Future Fleet Gateway page.

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Medtech Opportunities

ICN Victoria is helping local manufacturers and suppliers connect with opportunities in the medtech sector.

“A growing number of health infrastructure projects are now specifically including a medtech work package to capture expressions of interest from local medtech manufacturers and suppliers,” Warren said.

“To be alerted to new medtech project opportunities, register your expression of interest in the work packages on Gateway.”

“Registered companies will receive updates on upcoming projects and news in medtech.”

Find out more on the Medtech Gateway page.

Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing and Energy Council

Tasmanian businesses are invited join ‘Insights tour’ opportunities facilitated by the Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing and Energy Council (TMEC). The next one is Southern Insights Tour – Inspiring Innovation on Wednesday and Thursday March 20-21.

“TMEC has members representing many of the state’s most significant industrial businesses and associated suppliers delivering products and services,” Warren said.

“It’s been a crucial partner in engaging industry, working in schools to raise the profile of manufacturing-based opportunities, and supporting skill development and training.”

Find out more on the TMEC Gateway page.

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