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Manufacturing industry welcomes Gillard

The Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) has welcomed Julia Gillard as Australia’s first female Prime Minister, saying it “looks forward to working with the Gillard Government, as we have with the Rudd Government.”

According to AMWA national secretary, Dave Oliver, the record of the Labor government this term has been strong, the AMWU looks forward to Labor continuing its record of putting the priorities of working people first.

“Kevin Rudd should be remembered as Prime Minister who took important steps to apologise to the stolen generations, who ratified the Kyoto protocol and fought hard for a global solution to climate change. He was passionate that Australia should be a country that makes things. Most of all, his leadership during the financial crisis helped save hundreds of thousands of Australian jobs,” he said in a statement on the AMWU website.

“Julia Gillard was always a key part of the team and I look forward to working with her as Prime Minister.

“The most important thing for Labor and for working people in this country is that the Gillard Government moves on quickly and unites to make sure that Tony Abbott is not able to implement his extreme, anti-worker policies in government.

“The union movement will remain united in pursuing policies with Labor that benefit workers, such as the Paid Parental Leave Scheme already delivered, and the increase to superannuation yet to come.

“The RSPT remains an important taxation reform and the Gillard Government should focus on explaining it’s benefits to the Australian public and not give in to the hysteria of the mining companies.”

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