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Manufacturers get more accuracy with new technology

FARO Technologies, provider of portable computer-aided measurement arms and laser tracker sales, recently announced the release of the Fusion FaroArm.

The new device blends styling cues of the Company’s Quantum FaroArm, but with lower price and designed to have up to 15-percent higher accuracy than the Titanium Series it replaces.

“Using technological advances we achieved when developing the Quantum, we were able to create a new entry-level model with .0014″ (0.036 mm) accuracy and offer it at a competitive market price,” FARO President and CEO Jay Freeland said.

“High precision at this price point is unheard of, and fulfills a sizable market demand.”

The Arm is designed for manufacturers who want in-process measurement, reverse-engineering capabilities and the ergonomics of the flagship Platinum FaroArm.

To operate, users simply guide the Arm’s touch-probe along the surface of the object to be measured. The Fusion’s laptop computer simultaneously illustrates the 3-D measurements on-screen and records all of the data.

It creates a 3-D “blueprint” of a part or machine components, making it an all-in-one portable tool for performing inspections, tool certification, CAD-to-Part analysis, or reverse engineering.

“For manufacturers that want to make their products and processes the best in the world, there isn’t another portable coordinate measurement machine [CMM] on the market that combines the accuracy, durability, technology and cost-effectiveness of the Fusion,” Freeland said.

The new Fusion FaroArm will be available for shipment in November 2007.

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