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Manual hydraulic threaded rod cutter

Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment introduces the DW-400 manual hydraulic threaded rod cutter.

This unit gives the operator the easy task of cutting threaded rod without damaging the thread after completing the cut. This manually operated threaded rod cutter gives the user more flexibility as its designed to be used in factory and on-site environments.

The threaded rod cutter cuts cleanly on both sides of rod enabling nuts to be screwed on either side and produces no sparks when cutting the material. The DW threaded rod cutting range is designed to save time and effort as it boasts a portable, compact, user friendly and powerful design.

The DW-400 threaded rod cutter is extremely reliable, powerful and easy to use and has the ability to cut M8, M10, M12, W3/8, W1/2, 3/8 UNC & 1/2 UNC mild steel and stainless steel hooker rod (all thread). This unit features a locking pins system that enables the user to switch and change cutting dies in a matter of seconds.

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