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Makin Mattresses producing innovative new mattresses

North Brisbane-based Makin Mattresses is now making mattresses which feature innovative micro coil sheets locally.

The company first came across the product at the 2013 International Bedding Show in Germany. An English company was displaying a product which featured thousands of tiny coil springs about the size of a dollar sewn or welded between two sheets of fabric.

Apart from pushing up and down vertically, the sheets of mini springs were also able to stretch in every direction horizontally.

Makin was so impressed it imported the new product from the English manufacturer and incorporated it in their new range of mattress, the Bellissimo Duo 4000.

Consequently, this range became so successful that the company decided to produce the new micro coil sheets in Australia. They purchased a machine and are now making the product locally.

According to Makin, the micro coil sheets are used as a soft cushioning replacement for the foam, gel, visco or latex used by manufacturers to create the soft feel on the top of a mattress.

And, compared to foam, gel or visco, they offer significant advantages. They create an air flow through the top of the mattress and make it more hygienic and the cooler to sleep on. And, unlike foam and its many variants, the micro coils do not degrade over time.

Instead they always bounce back to their original shape and height. The top of the mattress does not form body impressions over time.

For each queen size Bellissimo Duo 4000 the machine takes 1.5 kilometres of 1mm wire, cuts it length and bends the wire into the shape of a spring.

In a queen size Bellissimo Duo 4000 there are over 4,000 springs, while a king size has almost 5,000. 

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