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Magnetic adapter that keeps e-chains on track

The ‘magsnap’ magnetic adapter for e-chains can easily be clipped on the crossbars of energy chains allowing new possibilities for a range of hanging or circular applications.

The ‘magsnap’ was developed by igus to hold the energy chain run onto a metal surface, which prevents the chain from swinging back and forth. 

This eliminates the need for installing a complete guide trough thereby saving cost, assembly time and weight. 

The ‘magsnap’ can be retrofitted quickly and easily even to existing systems, whereby two small ‘magsnap’ magnetic adapters are simply clipped on to every fifth crossbar of an e-chain." If required and depending on the fill weight of the chain, even more crossbars can be equipped with the clips.

In order to prevent unwanted noise, dampening elements are attached to each magsnap clip, so that the noise due to the attractive force of the magnet is reduced. 

Possible applications include, material handling, crane applications with hanging energy chains or even fully automatic parking garages. 

The magsnap is also suitable for applications with rotary motions, where the chain moves within an enclosure – also known as RBR – Reverse Bend Radius applications and where the magnetic clips ensure that the chain is held onto the enclosure on the outer radius, allowing for a simpler guiding structure.


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