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Made in Queensland program awards $833k to NEM Equipment Hire

Townsville manufacturer NEM Equipment Hire has been awarded a grant through the Made in Queensland program and will purchase equipment that to drive industry growth and jobs.

EM Group will purchase a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Beamline machine that will expand the manufacturing capacity and grow the business, resulting in as many as 20 new jobs over the next five years; with five of those being created within the next 12 months.

NEM Equipment Hire, part of the NEM Group, are a major service provider to Townsville’s defence sector and the sugar industry.

This work includes servicing Wilmar sugar mills, blast-and-paint, equipment maintenance for air force equipment such as dozers and fuel trucks, as well as repairs to army equipment, and manufacturing replacement steelwork, to name a few.

NEM group general manager, Aymon Vagulans said, “We’re actively working to expand the work we do for the defence and food processing sectors and the CNC machine will be a valuable tool in that strategy.”

The machine purchased will ensure tasks they can be completed more quickly and to a consistently higher standard. This is crucial for NEM as the business pursues increased project work from its air force and army clients.

Minister for manufacturing, Glenn Butcher said, “NEM is adding industry 4.0 technology to its factory processes and the future looks bright for this innovative, entrepreneurial business that is focused on growing its customer base and adding 20 new jobs over the next five years.”

NEM will be able to deliver steel fabrication components on-site faster and more efficiently through reduced manufacturing times, reduced lead times and faster logistical processes.

Made in Queensland (MiQ) is a highly successful grant program, that has helped over 100 businesses across Queensland, over 5 rounds, creating and supporting over 6,000 jobs.

By partnering with manufacturers, MiQ has also generated over $180 million in private sector investment, further proving that when we invest in growing our manufacturing sector, we grow the economy and create more jobs.

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