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‘Made in Australia’ label among world’s most reputable


A study by statistics firm Statista researched 43,000 consumers from 49 different countries to determine the world’s most respected ‘Made in’ labels. According to the study, Australia ranks 14th.

Germany ranked first, receiving 100 index points, closely followed by Switzerland with 98 index points. Other nations in the top five include the EU as a whole, the UK and Sweden.

Australia’s 14th place ranking puts the nation just above New Zealand (ranked 15th), and below the Netherlands (ranked 13th).

At the end of the spectrum were China on 28 index points and Iran on 27 index points.

Statista noted the irony of the fact that Germany scored the top rank, considering that the ‘Made in’ label was introduced by Britain at the end of the 19th century to protect its economy from “cheap, low quality and sometimes counterfeit” imports from Germany.

Image: Statista

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