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Lumen opens new environmental laboratory for in-house testing

Automotive supplier Lumen Australia has added a new environmental laboratory to its Hallam premises in Victoria.

The new E-LAB will see the company provide a variety of environmental in-house testing services for its own products, its clients and offer services to industry generally.

The laboratory will operate under the direction of product test engineer, Katerina Zoumbas.

Lumen Australia managing director Keith Evans said the purpose-built laboratory will ensure the provision of quality customer service to its worldwide OEM and aftermarket customers “with ultimate levels in product reliability across” the company’s product range.

The E-LAB represents a large capital investment for Lumen and is expected to be certified to ISO 17025 / NATA accreditation.

Tests conducted within the controlled E-LAB laboratory will include:

  • Temperature;
  • Humidity;
  • Vibration;
  • temperature cycling and corrosive atmospheres;
  • thermal shock;
  • salt spray testing; and
  • electrical/mechanical and paint testing along.

Laboratory equipment will include:

  • thermal shock chamber which will create severe thermal shock loads at an accelerated pace when testing pcb solder joints, seals and connections;
  • programmable temperature/humidity chamber to accelerate and expose corrosion problems in a product;
  • salt spray tester that simulates a corrosive environment performing tests to cause degradation or short time failure;
  • vibration tester which is able to perform random and sinusoidal vibration to determine whether a product is designed to survive harsh environments, loads due to shipping, dropping and transportation;
  • temperature chamber used to assess the long term reliability of devices under high temperature conditions;
  • ultra low temperature freezer;
  • electrostatic discharge simulator testing for ESD immunity to ensure reliable operation if subjected to electrostatic discharge when in service – conducted in accordance with the European Union’s EMC Directive for ‘CE’ mark compliance;
  • fully programmable power supply for predetermined or arbitrary waveforms;
  • an artificial mains network tester for the simulation of impedance of automotive wiring harness;
  • electrical tension and compression tester with adjustable speed and auto step movement to measure tension and compression forces on precision parts such as switches, relays, wiring harness, connectors etc.;
  • long arm dissecting microscope with 5MP Camera used for the evaluation of cracking, rust, scratches etc and the analysis of material fatigue;
  • coating thickness measuring gauge used for measuring all coating on metallic substrates to ensure correct coating thickness has been applied; and
  • a spectro guide to accurately measure colour and gloss levels of painted parts.

Image: Lumen laboratory test engineer, Katerina Zoumbas

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