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Low power variable reluctance pressure transducer

Bestech Australia introduces the DP15, a variable reluctance pressure transducer capable of very low to high pressure measurement with low power consumption. It features a replaceable pressure sensing diaphragm which allows pressure measurement from 0.08 psi to 3200 psi in 23 full-scale ranges. This makes it viable for a wide range of applications in one compact unit.

The DP15 consists of a flat diaphragm (magnetically permeable) supported between two coils which produces a magnetic field when an AC excitation is applied. The opposition to the lines of flux (called the reluctance) is determined by the air gap present between the two coils and the diaphragm. The coils are wired electrically as an inductive half-bridge.

Built with flexibility in mind, it provides wet / wet differential measurements which accepts liquids and gasses on both sides of the diaphragm. In addition, a small internal pressure cavity volume ensures fast response to pressure variations.

It is also built to last, able to withstand extreme shock and vibration due to its heavy-duty stainless steel construction. Specially built units are also available for use in sea water, saline solutions, brine, and other corrosive media.

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