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Lower carbon aluminium for Australian manufacturers

LocAl®: Lower carbon aluminium for Australian manufacturers

Capral, Australia’s largest distributor and manufacturer of aluminium products, has introduced LocAl®, a lower-carbon primary aluminium option available across its locally manufactured extruded aluminium products.

The LocAl® offer includes two lower carbon aluminium options – LocAl® Green with carbon emissions of 8kg CO2e/kg Al and LocAl® Super Green at 4kg CO2e/kg Al.

They are amongst the lowest carbon aluminium available globally and provide Australian manufacturers access to cleaner, greener, more sustainable aluminium for their projects.

In 2022 Capral committed to reaching Net Zero emissions by 2050, a significant step change, driving rapid innovation and cultural evolution throughout the business, most notably within procurement and operations.

The introduction of LocAl® demonstrates a deliberate shift in Capral’s procurement strategy for primary aluminium billet.

Luke Hawkins, Capral’s general manager of Supply and Industrial Solutions said this is a strategic change for Capral, driven by their desire to make lower carbon aluminium accessible to Australian manufacturers.

“In 2022, 22 per cent of the primary aluminium billet Capral uses in its eight local extrusion presses has a carbon content lower than eight kilograms CO2e per kilogram of aluminium. Approximately 300 tonnes have a certified carbon content lower than 4 kilograms of CO2e per kilogram of aluminium,” Hawkins said.

Aluminium is often touted as the “sustainable metal”, its versatility and recyclability earning it this reputation.

However, there are significant variations in the carbon emissions generated by smelters during the production of primary aluminium. One could say that some aluminium is considerably more sustainable than others.

The main contribution to the carbon emissions of aluminium comes from the electrolysis process used in aluminium smelting. Around 60 per cent of the aluminium sector’s GHG emissions are from the production of electricity consumed during the aluminium smelting process.

Combined, the four Aluminium Smelters producing primary aluminium within Australia consume approximately 10 per cent of the national energy grid.

The carbon emissions in primary aluminium production range from under 4kg CO2e/kg Al to over 20kg CO2e/kg Al, is largely dependent upon the energy sources used.

The current global average carbon emission for primary aluminium is approximately 16.8 kg CO2e/kg Al.

“At eight kilograms of carbon emissions per kilogram of aluminium, the LocAl Green offer has 50 per cent lower carbon emissions than the current global average for primary aluminium,” Capral general manager of Marketing and Technology, Michael O’Keefe explained.

“At 4 kilograms, LocAl Super Green is 75 per cent lower; this is a significant reduction. It gives Australian manufacturers an important opportunity to make more responsible procurement decisions when they source extruded aluminium.”

In addition to lower carbon emissions, the primary aluminium offered under the Local® brand is sourced exclusively from Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) certified smelters.

ASI is a global non-profit organisation that brings together producers, users and stakeholders in the aluminium value chain. ASI is a cornerstone of sustainable aluminium procurement for the worlds leading aluminium organisations delivering robust standards and transparency.

Capral joined ASI in July 2022.

“Being able to offer LocAl aluminium sourced from ASI-certified smelters gives us the added assurance that the aluminium we buy has been produced responsibly with consideration given to sustainability and societal impact,” Hawkins said.

“It helps us stand behind the product we sell and tell our customers we’ve done the best we can to deliver you a product that has been produced responsibly at all stages in the value chain.”

Industry sectors, including construction, renewable energy, transport and marine, are increasingly looking for lower carbon options for their products to meet customer expectations.

“There are many reasons businesses would consider using LocAl for their projects. Reducing carbon emissions is critical for our environment, and Capral is proud to be in a position to deliver the LocAl Green and Super Green to the industry right now so that businesses can actively choose cleaner, greener options for their aluminium,” O’Keefe added.

LocAl® aluminium is available across Capral’s locally manufactured. extruded aluminium products including custom-designed aluminium sections, standard extrusions, geometrics, transport sections, solar rail, and marine.

LocAl® Green will be supplied as standard on all Capral proprietary window and door systems from November 2022.

“We hope that in 2023 more and more of the aluminium we source will be LocAl to meet our customer’s demands,” Hawkins concluded.

For more information about LocAl®, visit here.

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