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Light-generating swings highlight energy challenges

CSIRO is using light-generating swings to highlight the challenges around energy sustainability.

The Infinity Swing is a light and sound installation engineered by CSIRO scientists. It consists of eight swings in an array. Each swing provides power to light up an individual letter mounted above. As the speed and strength of the swinging increases, the light comes on and the music changes.

When all eight seats are in motion the word ‘INFINITY’ is illuminated.

The Infinity Swing is currently located at the Customs House Square in Sydney, but will be relocated on 8 November. From 16 to 21 November, it will be at Federation Square in Melbourne.

According to CSIRO research director, Dr Glenn Platt, the Infinity Swing aims to spark a conversation about how energy can be sustainable and affordable for every Australian now and into the future.

“As the swing shows, energy isn’t easy to generate – just look at how hard you need to swing to light up a letter,” Dr Platt said.

“Energy isn't frivolous and it isn't free, so the challenge for Australia is how to keep energy affordable and available while protecting our planet…the answer lies with innovation, and it's at the heart of what we do.”

CSIRO says cost, electricity demand, emergence of new technologies and environmental imperatives will all have an impact on how our energy is sourced in the future. Science and technology will have a key role to play in developing smart energy efficient solutions, and getting the optimal energy mix for Australia, so life can continue, but with greater comfort, more affordability and less emissions.

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