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Liberal leader commits to rebuilding manufacturing capabilities


The Victorian Liberal leader, Matthew Guy, has committed to revitalising the state’s manufacturing industry through his government’s $2.5 billion Rebuilding Jobs and Bringing Manufacturing Home program. 

According to Guy, this program would be Victoria’s largest investment in manufacturing to date and would prioritise jobs in rebuilding local communities. 

In expanding the manufacturing industry across Victoria, $1 billion of the fund would be invested in manufacturing within regional communities. 

“Regional Victoria is an integral part of our rebuild and that’s why our plan will put $1 billion into projects in rural areas, helping to drive our state’s recovery,” Guy said. 

Additionally, they aim to establish an industry-led Manufacturing Excellence Taskforce to regenerate the state’s capability in producing critical supplies, previously overlooked in favour of cheaper overseas competitors. 

Australian Turntables, a manufacturer based in Bendigo, would be one business to benefit from the program. According to Australian Turntables general manager Marc Smith, any funds to help in expanding his business would be welcome. 

“We have very strong growth aspirations, to grow more than 10 times what we currently are over the next five to 10 years,” Smith told the 7News. “We are looking for significant growth and government assistance would certainly help that.” 

The Rebuilding Jobs and Bringing Manufacturing Home program will focus on areas of strategic importance such as health and medicine, zero emissions and recycling, as well as food, fibre and beverages. It will also concentrate on rare earth and mineral processing, defence, transport, aerospace and technology, and digital transformation. 

Shadow minister for Manufacturing, Bridget Vallence, said only a Matthew Guy Liberals and Nationals government will deliver the plan to get Victorian manufacturing back to where it belongs. 

“We want to make Victoria the place to invest and to work,” she said. “Our focus is on bringing manufacturing home, skilling our workforce, creating the manufacturing jobs of the future, and strengthening our economy. 

“Our plan will revitalise our existing manufacturing base and enable opportunities for new ideas and technologies that will be crucial to recover and rebuild Victoria.” 

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