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Letters to the editor – Too many cheap imports

Hi Alan,

WE are importers of Deprag screw assembly equipment air motors and tools as well as other products for the assembly industry.

I noticed your articles on China and am wondering where it is all going. We just exhibited at the Manufacturing Tech in Focus exhibition. It was only a one hall exhibition but the sad fact was that the Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese stands were all given front positions! As I recall, all of those stands were offering cheap components and none of them had manufacturing aids or solutions.

I hope the government here wakes up and gets a little tougher with the cheap imports.

Free trade is fine as long as there is a level playing field. When their workers get unions, holiday pay, sick leave, workers compensation, and there are strong OH&S regulations as well as product liability, then we can start letting them in.

How will Australia fair if our manufacturing industry collapses and we are dependant on imports? I wonder how cheap imports will be once the Chinese know we cannot manufacture for ourselves!

I look forward to reading your articles in the future.

Paul De Rossi

Assembly Technologies

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