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Leading serious safety solutions at Safety In Action Melbourne 2013

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." – Alan Kay

Underlying any successful intensive safety solution is the ability to preempt errors, dangers and accidents before they happen so that the impact can be minimised or better yet prevented.

Providing a platform for the latest developments in workplace health and safety, Safety in Action Melbourne 2013 has seen a number of companies debut their latest innovations. 


The latest Enware spill containment offering is the Enpac Stinger Spillpal, designed to offer portable flexibility in situations where rigid solutions are not feasible. The Enpac Stinger Spillpal features removable foam sidewalls, easy to use fold away bunding and can be made to any size requirements.


BOC premiered a new welding helmet range from Weld Guard at Safety in Action including TIG specialized Weld Guard Multi-Process, general purpose Auto Tracker and high impact Galaxy with passive flip up lens varieties. The complete Weld Guard range of products adheres to Australian and New Zealand safety standards.


The latest innovation from Ferno is the Challenge Pro harness. Heather McGlynn from Ferno explained that there has been a strong investment in the research and development of this new model, a process that has focused on asking users what they would like to see improved. The result is a lightweight, easy to wear H harness with increased padding and comfort over longer wearing time. New reflective material has been interwoven into the webbing for increased visibility in dark conditions and night work.

Oliver Footwear

Industrial shoemaker Oliver Footwear has released its new 34 series of footwear to replace the previous 33 Series. Created lighter with reinforced cushioning, the 34 Series offers safety features including a steel toecap and an acid and split resilient dual density polyurethane sole.


Safety in Action saw Rotocaster unveil its new Beverage Crate Rotatruck for safer maneuverability of milk and beverage crates. The ergonomic design of this hand truck creates improved controlled handling for heavier back stressing loads.

Showa Best Glove

Reinforcing sustainable business practices, Showa Best Glove has invested over three years of research into producing a completely biodegradable disposable Nitrile glove, Green-Dex. Tom Eggleston, V.P. of Sales and Marketing at Showa Best Glove, said that the ECO-BEST technology used in the Green-Dex will be applied across the company’s range in the future, with an aim of eventually being able to provide a complete catalogue of entirely biodegradable safety gloves. Providing a holistic solution, Green-Dex’s packaging, tape and casing are all recyclable and manufactured in an FDA approved medical plant in Alabama.


Hazibag has redeveloped its namesake Hazibag transportable lightweight container to meet the stringent conditions of Packing Group II and III of solid dangerous goods. The Hazibag still offers the same features for safe containment and transport of asbestos and releases no emissions when incinerated.


A variety of personal safety solutions from Roobuck were on display at Safety in Action. The company now offers the Duram Escape Mask range for a variety of emergencies including smoke and chemical situations. The compact Mini Maskito fits easily into a sunglass case that can be worn on a belt for mobile respiratory protection. Roobuck are also releasing the first high visibility vest with incorporated LED lighting to meet Australian and New Zealand standards.

Safety In Action runs:

Tuesday 19 March 10am – 4pm

Wednesday 20 March 9am – 4pm

Thursday 21 March 9am- 4pm

For more information, please contact each company or visit

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