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Laserbond wins Chinese technology contract

LaserBond has secured a contract to provide technology services for a Chinese minerals processing equipment manufacturer.

The contract includes the design, building, installation, and commissioning of a new cladding cell at the company, located in the Henan Province of Central China. It also includes the provision of technology training and support for more than five years.

Laser cladding is the process of adding a pure metal or alloy in its powder form to a new or remanufactured component, to protect against corrosion and wear.

The Chinese government has increasingly supported remanufacturing, with the China National People’s Congress’ Twelfth Five-Year Plan listing the “remanufacturing industry” as one of the key projects of the recycling economy.

China is the largest coal producer in the world, yielding 3.9 billion tonnes in 2014 – more than three times the amount of the next largest producer, USA – and represents a major market for the application of LaserBond’s wear resistance technology.

LaserBond has developed a range of applications for industries throughout Australia, with executive director Wayne Hooper saying the new contract demonstrated the value in technology and intellectual property their company has built over time.

“We have chosen a company that has demonstrated ability to partner with international technology companies, and which has a large presence in the Chinese mining equipment market,” he said.

“We are aiming to make this agreement the first of many.”

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