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Large-scale automation lectures in June

The Warren Centre is holding a series of 2010 Innovation Lectures in June, focused on the topic of large-scale automation in the manufacturing, mining, logistics, agriculture and defence industries.

The 2010 Innovation Lectures will be hosted by Australia’s Centre for Field Robotics director, Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte.

Warren Centre lectures attract large and senior audiences in major cities around Australia delivering excellent networking opportunities for all those into technology and innovation, the Warren Centre claims.

The lectures will take place at the following dates and times: Sydney, 8 June; Brisbane, 10 June; Melbourne, 16 June; and Adelaide, 17 June. All events begin at 5:45pm and finish at 8:30pm.

Professor Durrant-Whyte will talk about his success, and Australia’s success, in field robotics. According to Professor Durrant-Whyte, Australia is a large, sparsely populated, resource rich country a long way from anywhere; and is consequently the ideal place to develop and apply robotics.

The past decade has seen substantial technical developments and investment in ‘field robotics’, in large outdoor applications such as cargo handling, mining, agriculture and defence; applications which are all of central importance to Australian society.

Australian researchers are leading the world in the development of field robotics technology, both in the development of the fundamental robotics science and in its commercial application in key industry sectors, the Professor says. Some of the largest robotics programs are currently based in Australia and these are having a profound impact on the way traditional Australian companies do business. Many of these developments and projects will be described in this talk.

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