Land Forces to host inaugural AusTsec simulation conference


In a world of high-value military assets, joint exercises and advancing technology, simulation is becoming ever more important as a means of honing training in a safe environment, while minimising cost. 

The Land Forces 2022 International Land Defence Exposition conference program, set for Brisbane from 4-6 October, will explore how training needs inform development of simulation technology and systems, through the inaugural Australian Training, Simulation and Education Conference (AusTsec). 

The conference over Wednesday 5 October and Thursday 6 October will host leaders in defence training and simulation to discuss the technology, processes and vision for the future of skilling the defence workforce in a distributed and operational environment. 

Simulation has long been recognised as a critical element in training at every level and in every discipline, from medical care to logistics, battlefield management, vehicle operation and weapons training. Recent advances have enabled greater realism and capability in geographically dispersed training, joint exercises and more complex scenarios across multiple environments, including air, sea, land and cyber. 

But creation of effective simulation depends on a clear picture of operational and training needs and desired outcomes. 

“From simple table-top exercises to sophisticated distributed training, simulation’s ability to conduct, repeat and analyse an activity is helping Australia’s armed forces achieve readiness more efficiently and, in many cases, more safely,” said Justin Giddings, CEO of Land Forces 2022 organiser AMDA Foundation Limited. 

“But simulation is effective as a training tool only when it achieves clear training objectives, and only when it can faithfully replicate the environment and processes with which the training personnel will operate in the field. 

“Understanding the operating environment and providing real-world data to drive realistic simulation are paramount in ensuring training imparts knowledge and experience that will be useful in live operations.” 

To find out more about how to participate in AusTsec as a speaker, sponsor or exhibitor, go to www.landforces.com.au

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