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KUKA robotic training seminars

Headland is now offering robotics training seminars from the only KUKA-certified trainer in Australia and New Zealand, Cameron Fisher.

Fisher, Headland technical support manager for robotics & automation, is offering delegates a choice of seven hands-on, KUKA-certified training programs including Robot Operation, a three-day course teaching students how to safely operate the KUKA system, coordinate systems, and perform motion programming.

Another option, the Basic Robot Programming course, is a four-day seminar teaching delegates about robot safety, operating KUKA systems, using and co-ordinating systems, and methods of tool calibration and tool payload.

For the programmer, the Advanced Robot Programming course allows students to learn the KRL language and how to apply to structured programs. This includes programming methodology, use of the navigator at expert level, programming of subprograms and functions, data lists, programming of motions in KRL, usage of system variables, control structures and configuration of the automatic external interface.

Other courses are: Expert Robot Programming; ARC Welding with Arctechdigital; Fieldbus technology Devicenet; and Onsite training.

Fisher will be heading back overseas later this year to continue his training as a certified KUKA trainer and learn about the new KUKA controller and KUKA Quantec.

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