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Knockdown storage container

NAYLA’s KitBin is an innovative way to reduce freight and storage costs.

The KitBin is a bulk storage and transport ‘knock-down’ container with removable sides that pack inside another KitBin for storage and efficiency during transport when the empty bins are returned.

The KitBin is a lightweight plastic which is reusable and recyclable, impervious to moisture and won’t rot or sag. It is easy to put together or take apart with the packing instructions stamped on each panel.

The bin’s design allows the walls to be removed from the pallet base and packed inside a built KitBin with the other four pallet bases stacked on top.

This creates a 3:1 storage efficient ratio providing significant savings in freight relocation costs as only a third of the inbound trucks are required to return the bins to the source.

KitBins require less maintenance because of their hygienic plastic design and they are moulded in a food grade FDA and USDA approved material.

Specifically designed for the food industry, the bin is free from food traps and easy to clean.

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