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A key link in machinery maintenance

For more than 90 yrs, PWB Anchor has been supplying industry with a wide range of premium quality lifting equipment. Amongst these, are small and very large chain links. With a diameter up to 50 mm these large links can weigh upwards of 25 Kgs. So the flash welding machine that produces these links are critical to the operation.

Matt Wagenfeld, the Production Manager at PWB Anchor, has had problems with this machine in the past. Many so called ‘engineers’ have tried and effectively ‘jerry built’ the equipment to keep going. But when it decided to stop completely, Matt had to find someone who could fix it right, once and for all.

Spotting an advert in Manufacture’s’ Monthly, he contacted Darius Kowalewski at Data Factory and explained the problem.

The complexity of the task was evident, in that the welder control system used both analogue and digital circuit logic interfaces, which were 45 yrs old. This makes the welding machine quite rare and there is little in depth knowledge of its workings and electronic componentry in Australia.

The circuit boards were taken back to Data Factory’s workshop and the ‘fix’ commenced. As these links are usually a major safety component, the welds have to be perfect, every time. As previous ‘fixes’ had involved altering many of the components and interfaces.

Data Factory had to not only find and repair the problem, but also to now return the circuit boards back to their original specifications. With this in place, PWB Anchor could finally re-use many of the original settings, something they had not really been able to do with the modifications that had been done.

In his opinion, “Darius certainly knows his stuff,” said Matt. “I really do consider his service to be of excellent value and more importantly, his expertise gives us greater confidence in the safety aspects of the manufacturing process now.” Matt continued, “In fact, he is also working on a number of other projects for us right now.”

With some 2,000 tonnes of chain being manufactured each year, this equipment is time critical to PWB Anchor’s output. By having Data Factory completing a professional repair, they will now reduce wastage and spoils, a financial benefit to the company.

Data Factory is a highly qualified electrical engineering workshop, capable to repairing and re building the most complex servo drives and circuit boards.

They are time conscious and deliver their services on a National level. With repairs to highly complex equipment, Data Factory understand that true customer service is required to deliver on time, every time.

Australia Wide — 24 hr Service Available Call: 03 9874 7737

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