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KAESER releases Compressed Air Seminar schedule

KAESER Compressors Australia has released its 2011 Compressed Air Seminar schedule and curriculum. 

The company says its Compressed Air Seminars have been successfully running for the past 15 years due to the relevance of the program’s content to evolving industry needs.

The one-day seminar will focus on the topic of maintaining a reliable and efficient compressed air network and will include information about trouble-shooting techniques, system components, motor and compressor technology and a hands-on teardown. 

All participants will receive the Compressed Air Seminar Handbook, a manual which has been designed as a reference resource for daily use.  A Certificate of Attendance is also part of the package.

The 2011 curriculum will include:

1. Fundamental Principles
The basics on compressed air covering definitions, units and symbols used in compressed air technology, physical fundamentals, gas laws and compressed air in motion.

2. Compressed Air Production
Compressor Classification – Types of compressors advantages and disadvantages
The advantages of Screw compressors

3. Control Systems
Intro to control systems
The types of control systems – Internal Compressor Control – Variable Speed Drive – Supervisory Sequences

4. An Economic Appraisal
The make-up of compressed air costs for single and multiple shift working
Air Deliveries and Standards
Force and power flow in compressors
Power Costs
Comparisons of average maintenance costs for various compressor systems
Overall Economic Appraisal

5. Air Treatment
Compressed air quality – Environment Influences
Moisture, Condensate, Drying methods, Condensate Separation
Condensate Drainage & Treatment Systems
Environmentally friendly air supplies

6. Heat Recovery
The utilisation of Heat Recovery
Space heating with waste heat
Heating Water
Determining your heat requirements

7. Sizing a Compressor
The working pressure and air consumption of Pneumatic Equipment
Utilising Factor, Simultaneity Factor, Allowances
Calculations involving sizing a reciprocating compressor & sizing a screw compressor
Designing a large compressor Installation

8. Planning a Compressor Installation
Installation of Air-Cooled Compressors & Installation of Schematic for a compressor installation
Ventilating the compressor space & Examples of installation plans

9. The Air Main
Air losses, Pressure Drop, Mains sizing and selection of Pipe-work & Air mains without or with Air Dryers
Save Energy and Lower Costs

10. Discussion
Open discussion

The seminar is targeted at engineers, production managers, procurement and consultants.

To register for the seminar series email For more information call 1800 640 611 or visit

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