JSG Industrial Systems introduces SKF single-line lubrication system for oil and fluid grease

The manufacturing industry requires reliable machinery and adequate maintenance systems that ensure a constant workflow in all type of operations. John Sample Group, through its JSG Industrial Systems business, holds the distribution rights to Lincoln Industrial Lubrication Systems across the Asia Pacific. It became affiliated with one of the world’s largest bearing manufacturers, SKF, and has innovation strapped at the back of its original product designs.  

SKF has the engineering competence to design state of the art bearing assemblies, incorporating customised lubrication systems that greatly extend maintenance shut periods. When it comes to businesses within the manufacturing industry, SKF has developed the single-line lubrication system, an innovative and reliable solution based on a central pump station that automatically delivers lubricant through a single supply line to the lubricant metering device. Each metering device serves only one lubrication point and may be adjusted to deliver the precise amount of grease or oil required.

Some renowned companies within the Australian bottling industry are using as a part of their lubrication management the SKF single-line lubrication system for oil & fluid grease in order to ensure the supply of the correct amount of lubricant at the best time to lubricate. This reduces wear and avoids pollution caused by over-lubrication. This type of lubrication system laid out by SKF is used in other several applications such as printing machines, packaging, industrial assembly, and material handling.

Some advantages found by manufacturing companies when using the SKF single-line lubrication system are the easiness to understand, install, and maintain. This reliable system that continues to operate if one point becomes blocked, is available in both preset and adjustable models and it’s suitable for almost all lubricants. The SKF single-line lubrication system has an integrated system control and monitoring and it is able to pump long distances within a wide temperature range.

John Sample Group has demonstrated its eye for quality brands in the market since it was formed in 1921 when the privately-owned company first emerged as a major player in the automotive industry, owning exclusive distribution rights to brands such as Blackhawk, Federal Mogul, Mann’s Pistons, and Fitzgerald Gaskets. With unmatched technical knowledge and drive for quality engineered systems, John Sample Group through its JSG Industrial Systems business, has paved the way to growing the lubrication systems business in the manufacturing, food & beverage, mining, transportation, agriculture, marine, energy, and construction sectors.

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