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We know there are many super businesses out there that could do even better, if they had the right management systems. So to celebrate Greentree’s worldwide success, we’re holding a competition with the ultimate business painkiller and multivitamin as the prize: $250K worth of Greentree business software, including implementation and cloud hosting for the first two years. A Greentree implementation partner, and our cloud partner AoD, will be with the winner all the way, ensuring seamless installation and staff training.

It’s the sort of prize that can help transform a company, making it primed for business.

Presenting: Greentree GAME ON!

Between now and October 31st we’ll be inviting Aussie businesses to tell us why they deserve to win this great prize. All they have to do is enter via the GAME ON website, telling us what they would do with this terrific prize. They don’t have to be long-winded about it either. “The shortest case that you can put is great,” Greentree CEO Peter Dickinson says. “We’re not after verbosity; we’re after compelling.”

Our panel of distinguished judges (see below) will whittle down the entries to 10 finalists, who’ll be announced on November 14th, and from then till December 2nd the public will get the chance to vote for the business they think is the most deserving of the grand prize. Their vote will count for 50% of the judges’ final decision.

The winner will be announced on December 7th.

But that’s not all – anyone who registers to receive GAME ON email updates goes into a draw to win a fabulous Apple iPad! In addition, all entrants will automatically be eligible for a 10% discount off Greentree software, and all finalists will be eligible for a 25% discount.

David Sankey, CEO of Greentree cloud partner AoD, calls GAME ON “a fantastic opportunity for an Australian business to take a huge leap forward with its business systems, and help reach its true potential”.

Let the game begin! Go to


CEO of Greentree, with 40 years in the technology business.

Managing Partner of online retail giant ePharmacy.

Director of The Fordham Group, specialists in wealth protection for privately-owned businesses.

Managing Director of Nilsen, a leading electro-technology company.

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