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Isotropic super finishing process

BV Products has launched a new range of products through its recently established high performance surface finishing division (HPSF).

A “must have” technology in the racecar industry.

HPSF has a locally developed variant of the isotropic super finishing and polishing process that has established itself as a “must have” technology in the racecar industry.

ISFP is a process that changes the way traditional machining operations, such as fine grinding and lapping, leave metal components.

The latter processes render the surface as a series of parallel or unidirectional machining lines of micro peaks and valleys that causes lubricating oils to lay in the “valleys” leaving the higher “peaks” to come into friction contact with mating parts.

The subsequent high friction, wear factors and loss of power output are obvious from this circumstance.

ISFP is a relatively new process that combines the long established ability of mass finishing processes to create isotropic surfaces that are multi-directional (this spreading lubricating films over a wide area) with a non-invasive chemical process that renders the surface of the metal to super smooth surfaces – often as low as 0.02µ.

This means no running in periods are required due to the reduction in metal to metal contact.

Added to this is the “bling” factor. Parts processed through ISFP have a highly reflective “chromed look” finish – something that has always been desirable to the performance vehicle owners worldwide.

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