IoT adaptor for enclosure cooling units


For a company to implement Industry 4.0, its machinery and equipment must be able to communicate with each other and the internet. To ensure customers can integrate existing industrial cooling units into condition monitoring and IoT systems, Rittal offers a special adaptor that retrofits comprehensive communications capabilities.

Digitalisation is right at the top of the agenda for lots of industrial companies, but what do they do when their machinery and equipment lack adequate communications interfaces? A digital retrofit – kitting out existing machinery and equipment with suitable communications technology – can be the ideal solution. When installed, the IoT adaptor ensures the units can link up to smart condition monitoring and IoT systems.

Higher system availability

The adaptor can be used to set up condition monitoring or up to ten cooling units in a master/slave arrangement. That means not only can data be recorded, but efficiency analyses can also be carried out on the cooling solution. A monitoring system that issues automatic notifications can also be set up to detect faults and limit breaches, thereby helping boost availability and prevent expensive machine downtime.

Straightforward commissioning

The whole system can be configured and commissioned via the web server integrated into the IoT interface – quickly, conveniently and without the need for any programming.

Click here to learn more about Rittal’s range: https://info.rittal.com.au/blue-e-iot-adaptor-brochure-download

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