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Invisible television on its way

What next after OLED televisions? How about an invisible television? One that ‘melts’ into the background when it is switched off. Earlier this week Panasonic unveiled its latest version of a television that is almost invisible to the naked eye when in ‘off’ mode.

Shown at the CEATEC electronics expo in Japan, the unit looks like a normal, run-of-the-mill LED television when on, but looks like a piece of clear glass when switched off.

So what is the technology behind it? Apparently the screen is made up of fine mesh that is built into the glass panel.  The screen is said to contain the latest OLED technology, with pundits on the ground at the Expo saying the quality of the image was almost indistinguishable from normal television sets.

However, they won’t be on Harvey Norman/JB Hi Fi/The Good Guy’s shelves in the near future. Like most concept tech at these events, consumer versions will not be available for at least two years, if not longer.

Meanwhile, we can all start measuring up our windows and decide which ones are going to make for great television.

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