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Investigations into RPCVD for enhanced LED fabrication

A TIER-1 LED manufacturer will collaborate with BluGlass to investigate the application of remote plasma chemical vapour deposition (RPCVD) for LED applications.


The unnamed LED manufacturer approached BluGlass to test a custom application of the company’s proprietary RPCVD process, targeting improved LED performance and cost. The assessment will also yield better knowledge about the advantages of BluGlass’ process.


The initial stage of the project involves materials testing of RPCVD wafers grown entirely at BluGlass. This will then be followed by integration with the LED manufacturer’s devices for further LED performance testing.


According to BluGlass Managing Director Giles Bourne, industry equipment and device market leaders are now evaluating the company’s RPCVD technology, hoping to reap the benefits of the technology.


“This is a great development for BluGlass as we progress towards industry acceptance of our breakthrough technology,” he said.


This collaboration will require development effort by BluGlass and will involve multiple iterations. This initial project stage will not entail any financial commitment by either party beyond their own costs of the evaluation.

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