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Introducing KITO Mediahub – All in one place

Introducing KITO Mediahub – All in one place

KITO PWB has just launched a new feature – KITO Mediahub, with product information all in one place. With this feature, the KITO team, customers and end users will be able to access the information easily.

Included in Mediahub, are the company’s new 3D product visualiser and 3D product virtual videos. These 3D product tools are designed to help customers understand the quality differences between products.

The new 3DCG (3D computer graphics) together with the digital files in Mediahub allow a more efficient demonstration process of presenting product features and benefits. KITO customers and end users can explore and customise KITO products easily from Mediahub.

To get started, just hit the MEDIAHUB button from the top menu on the KITO PWB website, it will lead you to the MEDIAHUB intro page. You can then see all KITO hoist products, and you may choose the desired product to see all tools available.

Introducing new KITO Mediahub product tools:

  • 3D Virtual Video – without physical prototypes, KITO’s products are now presented in a more appealing and interactive way through virtual videos. In this section, you will also find product videos of the KITO family as well as videos explaining individual products.
  • 3D Visualiser – KITO products have now turned into real-time 3D graphics from CAD data. You will be able to explore and discover all the important product benefits step by step.

Once you find your desired product, then press the play button to discover all the important product benefits step by step. With the help of the exploded views, all products can be broken down into their individual parts in no time at all.

The object can be viewed and rotated freely in virtual space. You can also use the slider to create a vertical or horizontal section model.

  • Downloads – product brochures are in the line for you to download with just one click.
  • Manuals – this is where you can browse the owner’s manuals and part lists as your digital reference.
  • CAD Files – all relevant technical drawing files of the products are accessible from this section.

The new KITO Mediahub, together with the 3DCG content, perfectly rounds off the company’s existing digital offering for you. This will also be continuously updated with new content.

If you have any questions or require support, please contact sales@kitopwb.com.au. We hope you enjoy the new tools and help you to achieve better sales!

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