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Interim NSW vocational education and training review

The NSW Government released the Interim NSW VET Review into the state’s vocational education and training sector.

The Interim Report makes seven recommendations for TAFE NSW, focusing om strengthening the wider vocational training sector.

Minister for skills, TAFE and tertiary education, Steve Whan said, “Over the next decade, NSW will need thousands of skilled professionals across healthcare, hospitality, construction, and burgeoning sectors like renewable energy.”

The panel is chaired by Dr Michele Bruniges AM, with the valuable support of Professor Verity Firth AM and Jason Ardler PSM.

They have conducted an extensive consultation process over four months seeking input from registered training organisations, teachers, students, government agencies, peak bodies, industry representatives, local businesses, councils, and universities.

“This report sets the direction for an exciting future where TAFE – as Australia’s biggest training provider – rebuilds and provides the core for meeting our need for skilled workers,” said Whan.

The panel is expected to submit its final report to the government by the middle of 2024 when the NSW Government will consider all recommendations in full.

“As we move forward, our focus remains on delivering a final report that provides a roadmap for a robust and responsive VET sector,” said Bruniges.

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