insignia solves Ensign Laboratories’ enduring traceability challenge beyond the shelf


When it comes to coding in challenging environments, personal care products are some of the harshest for coding due to the ingredient profiles used within the products.

Friction, moisture, humidity, and substance resistance are important characteristics to consider when determining the best coding application and ability to guarantee product identification throughout the entire length of the supply chain beyond shelf life. Additionally, varying product and bottle sizes, shapes, substrates, and flexibility for serialisation during production all present coding and marking challenges.

The quality of a printed code relies on several factors: accurate placement, readability and contrast, good adhesion, and durability in the face of environmental stresses and physical handling.

With a portfolio of lotions, ointments, gels, flammable liquid and suspensions, Ensign Laboratories sought the expertise of insignia to solve their enduring traceability challenge for their perfumed cosmetic and personal care product suite. Due to destructive nature of these products on ink, traditional coding methods fell short when exposed to continued handling from consumers.

To combat traceability issues caused by solvents and surfactants, insignia’s variable coding solution enabled Ensign to provide its customers with permanent traceability codes for their packaging that will not deteriorate through conventional continued exposure.

Discover how insignia achieved coding and serialisation integrity for Ensign Laboratories with laser technology that delivers unrivalled performance and value.

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